A Charming Park Grounds Open to the Public

Kalmbach Memorial Park

Please come to the park and experience our new nature paths and beautiful gardens.

We have bees! Kalmbach is raising bees naturally using a horizontal hive/ Layens Hive model. Please come talk to us about what we are doing and the benefits for the park and community.

Sign up for summer reading classes.

Join Miss Lisa for stories in the park on Wednesday Mornings!

Join Kalmbach Park and Tom Huff in presenting:

American Chestnut Research and Restoration

September 23, 6-7 PM

The program will be held in the barn. Masks will be required.

Please sign up at Kalmbachpark.com. Sign up form:

Gingerbread Competition & Display

December 12th, 2020

10:00AM - 3:00PM

Kalmbach Memorial Park is a community center nestled in the Borough of Macungie.

The park with its easy walking trails is opened to the public to enjoy from sunrise to sunset. In addition, many interesting educational programs and events take place throughout the year on our charming grounds or in the restored circa 1850′s barn. Take your time and browse through our website and then come to visit and enjoy the simple pleasures of this treasured passive park.

Kalmbach Memorial Park always has fun events waiting for you right around the corner.