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Life has a way of taking you on its journey and speeding up the pace. I have found that slowing down to breathe can be the healthiest gift one can give themselves. Nature has a way of telling all of us that there is healing and beauty all around us but it is our job to stop and take it in.
Over the last few months we have had high school and elementary students working on projects in the park. There is an overwhelming sense of joy that is seen when nature becomes part of your daily routine and seeing it through the eyes of a student or child. I have witnessed students identifying plants, seeing wildlife in its own habitat, lying in the grass, and just stopping to observe and listen. These are life’s gifts that we have everyday to grasp but do we?
The bees in our apiary have so much to tell…
*working from morning to dusk
*performing the dance of where to find the pollen
*bringing bags of pollen back to the hive
*bringing nectar back to the hive
*taking care of the queen
*taking care of each other… hmm an important takeaway.

Get outside. Enjoy the natural gifts that surround us daily. Breathe, really breathe.

A friend shared to me a thoughtful saying he says every day, “I am happy. I am healthy. I am blessed.” Take it as yours and be happy, be healthy and know you are blessed.

See you on the path.