Our mission is to fulfill Frederick Kalmbach’s Will and Trust.   The programs offered at Kalmbach reflect his purpose in using the park to preserve and maintain the physical. cultural, and educational advancement of the people of the community. Mr. Kalmbach encouraged the study of wildlife, botany, government, health, and the many other wonders in nature.  If you are interested in attending any of the upcoming programs and desire to be included in the initial registration, you may register for a class on our website. For program registration, a lottery type process has been incorporated to be fair to all who sign up for classes. Requests will be randomly drawn to fill the appropriate number of seats available for each program. If registration requests exceed seating availability, requests are continually drawn and individuals are placed on a waiting list in order of selection.   Everyone will know their registration confirmation/waiting list standing within 5 days after registration deadline. We hope you will find this mode of registering  for programs a benefit to your family.  Everyone has the same registration deadline and an equal chance. No registration requests are selected until the deadline is complete.    A Google form will be provided to sign up for each class and program offered.   Classes and programs will be advertised on Social Media through  our website, Facebook and Instagram.  

Registration is limited, we kindly ask that you sign up for only those programs that you expect to attend.  You will receive an email notification to confirm your reservation.  

Thank you,

 Mike & Denise Brosky

Kalmbach Memorial Park Administrators

Calendar of Upcoming Events...

Stay up-to-date on new events and programs that are happening right here are Kalmbach Memorial Park. Our calendar is updated often. You can also choose to subscribe to our calendar which will keep your personal calendar updated with our events.

 Kalmbach Feature Artist

Liz Kenny

Art has been a love of mine since early childhood.  As an adult, I started taking classes after my children entered school, first at the local high school evening division, then at the “Y” and later many classes at the Baum School of Art where I earned an “Art Certificate” through their partnership with the Lehigh Carbon Community College.  I am still learning constantly through practice, workshops with other artists and from my peers from the Parkland Art League.

I have taken classes with Hong T. Foo in the past and have enjoyed learning the Chinese style of painting.  This opened a whole new world of art for me and has influenced all of my artwork.  Several of the paintings that I am exhibiting are done on rice paper.

The series of shorebird paintings are a result of my photographing birds while on my vacations in Florida and Hilton Head.  I enjoy gardening and being out in nature and this is reflected in most of my paintings.

Through the years I have photographed many of my paintings to be used in creating my own greeting cards, a fun way for me to share my artwork with family and friends.

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Fiber Guild 7:00 pm
Fiber Guild @ Kalmbach Memorial Park
Sep 1 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Anyone is welcome to join!
American Chestnut Research and Restoration 6:00 pm
American Chestnut Research and Restoration @ Kalmbach Memorial Park
Sep 23 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm
American Chestnut Research and Restoration @ Kalmbach Memorial Park
Join Kalmbach Park and Tom Huff in presenting: American Chestnut Research and Restoration September 23, 6-7 PM The program will be held in the barn. Masks will be required. Sign up here: https://forms.gle/DBuJ7b3CFU7xHjwM7 Seating is[...]
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