November 30, 2021 all-day
Gingerbread Competition Entries in by Nov 30th

We are happy to let all our interested participants know that we will be continuing with our Gingerbread Display and Contest this year. All entries will be on display at the park on December 11th from 9-1:00 PM.  Masks must be worn!


Traditional Gingerbread

A classic tradition during the holidays is creating a gingerbread house. Any structure in this category, Victorian, colonial, modern, house, barn, cottage-you decide.  Make sure to decorate for Christmas!

Incredibly Unusual 3-Dimensional Gingerbread Creation

Make a gingerbread creation that is out of the ordinary.  Gingerbread structures need not be of a traditional design.  Be creative. No buildings or houses are allowed in this category.

Transportation Express!

Enjoy creating a holiday-inspired type of travel or  transportation for a holiday inspired ride.   What would your holiday transportation be like?  Who would be driving?  It can be a car, train, bus, or plane or any other type of transportation you want to create.   Be creative and add your own holiday twist.

Student Gingerbread Creation

FOR AGES 12-17 ONLY. Combine your favorite candy and delicious edibles to design your candy dream house.


Kids Only!! Gingerbread Creation

FOR AGES 11 & UNDER ONLY!  This category is for our 11 -and-under guests.  Have fun and be creative with your imagination!


The Competition  Categories           

Winners receive:

1st Place: $100

2nd Place: $75

3rd Place: $50

Student Only Category Winners Receive:

1st Place: $75

2nd Place: $50

3rd Place: $25


Kid’s Only Category Winners Receive:

1st Place: $50 and  a book

2nd Place: $30 and a book

3rd Place:$25 and a book

All entries must be in by November 30th.  Sign up at the link BELOW. Click on the  link and you can access the entry form.






There will be a time to display the gingerbread creations on December 11th from 9 – 1:00 PM.  Masks will be required inside the barn.  Thank you for your cooperation.


Entries will be judged on a scale of 1-5 based on:

  • Overall appearance/composition of design
  •  “Holiday Spirit” incorporated into design
  •  Originality/imagination /use of materials
  •  Difficulty of design
  •  “Fit” in the category


We will post all  winners in each of the categories  on our website. 

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Please have a 3 x 5 card with your display listing your name, address, email, telephone number and the category you have entered.  Please include details about your entry that you feel might be important to the judges (i.e. List of edible items you have used that are unusual, the name of your entry, etc.)
  • The main structure of entry must be constructed of at least 60% gingerbread.
  • Non-visible interior supports: Non-edible materials may be used for non-visible supports. Examples include: machine designed, 3D printed and laser cut components, lights, moving mechanisms.
  • Everything visible on your entry MUST be edible: For example, a piece of candy in a foil wrapper is non-edible- must remove the foil.  The only exception is the edges of the board on which your entry is mounted.  Use of gum paste, fondant, pastillage, chocolate, modeling chocolate, royal icing, isomalt, cast sugar, gelatin and pressed sugar is encouraged.
  • Size limitations: All entries must be mounted on a study piece of the plywood display board (½” or ¾” plywood is recommended).  The maximum size for display boards for all categories with the exception of KIDS Only! Is 24”x 24”.
  •  The Kids Only! Category entry display boards’ maximum size is 12’x12’  The display board should act as an integral part of your design and be sized appropriately to your creation without exceeding the maximum size limits. Don’t use a large board and leave it unincorporated in your overall design.

Entry Drop Off

All entries can be brought to Kalmbach Memorial Park on  Sunday, December 5th , Monday, December 6th, and Tuesday, December 7th between the hours of  12 – 3PM. Information cards(see details above) must be included with your entry.



All entries must be picked up Sunday,  December 12 between 1 -3PM.  Any entries that are not picked up by this time will become the property of Kalmbach Park.