.  While enjoying the beauty of Kalmbach Park, remember to follow the park’s rules. 

For your safety, avoid swimming in the streams. The currents can be unpredictable and there may be hidden hazards underwater.  Park paths are built to minimize impact on the environment.  Sticking to them keeps you from trampling delicate plants and disturbing the streambed, which is home to many insects and sawing fish.  Enjoy the sights and sounds of the stream from a safe distance.  This minimizes noise and your presence being a surprise to wildlife.  Even wading seems harmless, but it can stir up sediment, cloud the water, and stress fish and other aquatic creatures.  Leashed pets can still reach the water’s edge and chase critters.  Keep them well-controlled to avoid any wildlife encounters.  Trash left behind can find its way into the stream, harming wildlife.  take all your garbage with you to maintain a clean environment.