“Allow, Release, Let Go…”  I have written these three simple words on a piece of slate displayed in the kitchen.  I read it every day, but am I really allowing the words to help move me through my days and assist me down the paths I am choosing in my life.  In this time of unknown, I find the importance of allowing events to happen in your life and not worrying that it is not exactly how you thought it would pan out to be.  This year was going to be life-changing for me.   I planned on retiring from teaching to pursue a new and different career as a park administrator full time at the end of June.   On March 16th, 2020, all that I knew to be real disappeared.  Governor Wolf soon closed down all schools indefinitely and I became a virtual teacher to students that needed more from me than computer lessons. This was not what I chose as a teacher let alone have it be my last year with my students and my colleagues.   Life would be different.  A new reality for myself and my family would now be taking place.  I needed to allow the changes to happen…washing hands often, wearing a mask in public, practicing physical distancing with others.  How do I  safely do these things at Kalmbach when it is open to the public?

As more and more news and information came out about COVID -19, I began to see that this virus was not going away anytime soon and it was going to be more deadly than I ever imagined.  Knowing that if my family followed the precautions of staying at home and practicing physical distancing with others, we could keep ourselves healthy.  As the days have fallen into weeks the thought of letting down any of these precautions and relaxing physical distancing is alarming.

Daily my family and I walk the park to allow nature to release and heal our souls.  Kalmbach has been more active over the last six weeks than it ever was.  More and more new visitors are coming to find solace in the healing powers of nature.  Families have been coming as their new daily routine now includes quiet walks in Kalmbach instead of rushing off to athletic events or weekly planned social outings.  Is it so bad that society has had to slow down and let go of the extra noise surrounding it?

Allow…  for quiet moments and the daily practice of yoga,  Release…  any anger and shifting blame, viruses have no walls.  Let go… of plans that were made before the virus.    Yes, we will not be spilling into big sporting events any time soon, but our families will be gathered around the table talking to one another and spending multiple hours playing games while savoring this pause button that we are all living at the moment.

Allow…Release…Let Go.  

See you along the path…